Biological systems, i.e. your body, can use sunlight and certain wavelengths to heal.

The study is called PHOTOTHERAPY, which is the use of particular wavelengths to heal cells, repair tissue, and heal injuries…in chronic health conditions. Most research and testing has been performed with NIR-Near Infrared Radiation and Blue Light therapy.

NIR has been shown in lab studies to heal the mitochondria (power plants of the cell) which then helps reduce inflammation and increase cellular energy. Infrared wavelengths act upon a certain enzyme known as Cytochrome C Oxidase; the enzyme binds to oxygen which heals your cells mitochondria and increase cell metabolism-the ability for cells to eat, poop, and sleep. NIR has been shown to help with Multiple Sclerosis, vision degeneration, arthritis, chronic viral and bacterial infections.

The Blue Light wavelength heals the mitochondria as well by destroying chronic infections (Strep, Staph, Lyme, etc.) The blue light accomplishes this by acting on the same enzyme Cytochrome C Oxidase to bind to NO-nitric oxide. The union to NO creates a toxic environment to infections. NO is a free radical that the body uses to kill microbes and chronic infections. Many hospitals and clinics are using blue light to kill infections in rooms and labs around the country.

The benefits of light are being heavily researched at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee by Jeri-Anne Lyons. Very interesting stuff, please check it out.

Research reminds us that our sun emits Near Infrared and Blue Light wavelengths. Our sun emits radiation across the full ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM. This includes wavelengths of high energy X-rays to long wavelength radio waves.

Simply spending 10-15 minutes a day in the sun from 10am-3pm has been shown clinically to increase cellular activity, increase vitamin D levels, and boost the immune system. The power of sunlight on your chronic condition or pain is one of the most simple and beneficial therapies you can provide yourself. Researchers compare sunlight to antibiotics, it’s just as strong as any medication if you are CONSISTENT. If pain, sickness, or fatigue is high, make sunlight a daily ritual. I have seen many patients recover so much faster because of their time in sunny environments. Let’s use it.
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