As your body fights years of stress, sickness, or trauma, it creates nerve pathways that carry the electrical signals of the problem.

Neurologically you have been creating a nervous system wired to fire signals that perpetuate the pain or sickness. THIS IS NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN. These are called pain circuits.

It is the bodies natural way of LISTENING to the problem. 

Additionally, you also train your bodies biochemistry to release certain hormones and brain chemicals in response to the issue. 

These biochemicals attach to all your cells, telling them where to go, what to eat, how much energy to produce, and which EMOTIONS to release.

There are two things that are occurring during your waiting.
1. Your body is trying to UNRAVEL all the pain circuits it has accumulated over the years.
2. At the same time your body was listening to the pain and stress, it was also trying to adapt to the circuitry by creating balance…but this balance required “robbing” certain organs of energy along the way.

Each of your organs has a specific job, emotion it processes, and SISTER ORGAN.

In Chinese medicine, if one organ is weak, it will take energy from its sister. There is nothing wrong with this, it just is your bodies way of creating balance between your systems, such as cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, etc.

Over years of the pain circuits continuously firing, you can fatigue certain organs. As a result these organs “tire out” and start pulling energy from anywhere they can.

This can result in multiple systems giving problems, pain, or sickness.

As you begin to heal, LISTEN, and begin your journey, or if you are in the waiting phase…remember you are having to restore energy to organs that have been depleted.

Your body does this in a specific order. This order depends on which organ needs to be restored the most, and how efficiently your body can do the restoration over a period of time.

For example, the body may choose to heal your digestive organs before it heals your heart. This is simply because you need to conserve energy WHILE you heal. 

This is the explanation why you can feel good for weeks, then feel tired and worn out for a few days. Your body is choosing organs in a systematic order to heal.

This is healing during the WAIT. Be encouraged, you are listening to a new voice, rerouting, and walking a new path.

Psalms says, “Beloved ones, listen… open your heart to the understanding of this mystery that I share with you.” 🦋

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