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“Let your teacher be Love itself” -Rumi

The definition of love varies depending upon whom you ask. If it cannot be clearly defined, at least we all may agree that it can be seen or felt in some way.

In my experience in healthcare, individuals who face hard times with chronic sickness, pain, or hard situations are those who often overextend and overlook themselves. They push themselves to care, think, and worry about the well being of others. Why? Because they see the INTRINSIC VALUE, the LOVE-ABILITY, the WORTH in others.

Psychology states that when we recognize a certain quality in others (Worth, Loveability, etc.), that same quality exists within us. For example, if you see that someone else is compassionate, you more than likely have compassion within yourself. You may not consciously be aware of that internal characteristic, however subconsciously it is expressed within your daily interactions and relationships.

Individuals who see the true beauty in others often forget about the beauty and worth within themselves. They may have a program of self lack running in their brains. It may lead to thinking “I love that person, because they are WORTH it, but I can’t receive love back because I don’t feel I’m worth it.” That works against the known principles of researched psychology and neurology. You can only see the loveability in others, because it RESIDES in you.

How could it be said that you love someone else, if you never knew what love FELT like? You recognize it because you have felt it inside. You know others are loveable, because you are loveable. It is your Divine appointment to live in love.

We can’t forget it. Keep expressing the love, and at the same time know others love you. You don’t have to improve yourself to be accepted.

Have a LOVE-ABILITY CHECK at least once a day. I’m doing it. Sit still for 1 minute a day and think, “I love others because I am loveable.” You will start to see your self worth build and build.

It’s the summer of Love!
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