A major emotional element is present when blood levels look “normal” and a person feels chronically sick. The individual can be looked at as “crazy” or psychologically unstable. I have seen many patients who have stated that some physicians, health advisors, friends, family, etc. thought they were making up all these symptoms in their heads…maybe a cry for attention. Great care needs to be placed in testing a patient with hidden Lyme, because neurological instability is a major symptom.


Borrelia is a “cork-screw” shaped bacteria that is ELUSIVE, fast moving, and can burrow into the soft tissues of the brain and sinuses. Babesia is a bacteria with a soft, malleable outer shell that can squeeze in between the hosts cells and create high inflammation, infection, and brain fog. The other co-infections mentioned in the previous posts have similar adverse effects, due to their high reproductive rate and ability to hide in the tissues of the neck, sinuses, and brain.

If these infections get into the sinuses or head space, they have the capability to release heavy amounts of toxins creating mental fog, instability, and dysfunction. I have often heard Lyme Disease patients tell me that they feel like they are walking out of body, looking through a fog, or suddenly “manic or anxious”, without any explanation.

Research shows that the production of substances such as organic acids from the infections can be the culprit. Organic acids are basically the byproduct of the living metabolism of the infections. Essentially it is their waste, and this waste can irritate the nerves and tissues of the brain and head region.

The cranium and upper neck region are especially important in the body’s ability to handle stress. This area, along with the pelvic nerves, are known as the parasympathetic regions of the nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system keeps you calm and relaxed. If toxins build up in the head or neck, it can inhibit your body’s ability to stay calm. This is one of the explanations for sudden onset anxiety, brain fog, or depression. Toxins from different infections can have different effects.

Symptoms of severe depression mixed with anxiety can also accompany Lyme due to the suppression of thyroid and adrenal function. Thyroid conditions such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and adrenal exhaustion can be the result of chronic Lyme infection. The fatigue of the adrenal and thyroid glands leads to brain fog and neurological issues. Any time a patient presents with brain fog, whether they have Lyme or not, I analyze and inspect these stress glands.

I often hear patients say, “I feel like I’m going crazy!” or even to the point of feeling suicidal. This can be the effect of chronically low dopamine levels due to inflammation from the infection. Check the link for this post to see the mechanism.

Supplements that can detoxify the brain slowly if taken in proper sequence and NOT ALL AT ONE TIME. I took these in different INCREMENTS, I had the advice and direction of my colleagues to help with the detox. Please don’t be OVERWHELMED thinking you need to try all these things. These are just suggestions that helped me in my journey.
– Alpha lipoic acid – Detoxifies the liver.
– Glutamine – Removes ammonia from the brain.
– Butyric Acid(butter) – Removes ammonia and other organic acids from brain.
– N-acetyl Cysteine – Helps remove toxins from liver and lymph system.
– Activated Charcoal – Removes toxins from the digestive system, which can affect the brain.
– Phosphotidylserine -Helps keep the brain calm, and strengthen brain chemical production.
– Magnesium Malate, Vit A, B, C, D, E

Testing that is recommended:
– Great Plains Laboratory( )-Organic Acid and Toxin Lab panel
– Thryoid hormone lab panel-T3 and T4 level ( or )
– Adrenal stress panel-Cortisol levels ( or )
– Insulin – tells your bodies response to stress and blood sugar metabolism ( same as thyroid and adrenal tests )

This information is not to create fear, worry, or “another thing to do.” The last thing we need is negativity or stress, especially if you have suffered from Lyme. Information is key to calming the mind and allowing you to see that certain steps are available.

Just know that their are answers for your Lyme Brain. Investigate and see what you find. You may feel crazy at times, but know there is paths to healing.
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