Please remember to get the advice and recommendations of your primary health provider if you have any questions. These are steps I took during my journey with supplementation to help with Lyme elimination. If you have any concerns please research and ask your doctor, especially if you are pregnant. I want this to be an encouragement and help in your journey.

Lyme die-off is known as Herx (Herxheimer) reaction. For those who have or had Lyme disease, this reaction it is not a great experience. If you are taking, have taken or know someone who is taking steps to kill Lyme infection, the toxins released from the infections can create heavy toxic symptoms: seizures, brain fog, migraines, heart palpitations, severe TMJ, vision problems, diarrhea, vomiting, zero energy.

Lyme is a condition which is tough to kill off. The bacteria and its co-infections have been known to adapt to antibiotic and natural supplement therapy.

The infections are very elusive and apparently smart. They work in a cohesive symbiosis according to microbiology research. Research is showing that an individual who takes an anti-microbial medication or supplement to kill Lyme for long periods of time can reduce the results of the therapy if the infections adapt. It is said that there is a communication between the infections themselves that warn and sound alarm of any incoming antibiotic treatment or therapy. This results in their movement and hiding within the tissues and joints of the body.

The disease has shown to adapt well even to natural supplementation. Experts in this field believe a shotgun affect of herbals, spices, vitamins, antibiotics, probioticsand minerals are necessary to kill off the infections. The inability to adapt to the combinations herbals, supplements or medications is the effect practitioners are looking. Some state it can kill off the microbes faster than single ingredients.

There are other researchers who say using specific, single ingredient herbals or supplements are more effective than combinations. Many health practitioners have opinions of which therapy is most beneficial: single ingredient herbals, combination herbs, antibiotics, probiotics, and vitamin/mineral therapy. Which ones work? They all do in my opinion. As specific and intricate as we each are genetically, indicates we all may need different approaches to killing off Lyme. Finding a holistic practitioner who utilizes kinesiology, functional medicine, liver detox/methylation, or bio feedback would be very beneficial. They can give you insight to a gentle kill off that is specific for you.

These are the steps I took personally. Please remember to research and seek the advice of a qualified, holistic practitioner. The path I took worked to help me gain strength slowly and gradually, which is what I prefer for myself and my patients.
– Energy production/Kreb cycle enhancement – B vitamins, C vitamins, and fulvic and ionic minerals
– Liver detox/methylation Dash good forms of folic acid such as folate, L-5MTHF, or Folinic acid
– Lyme kill off – herbal tincture formulas
– These are fantastic tinctures I incorporated to eliminate Lyme and Babesia in the blood
– Stephen Harrod Buhner-Healing Lyme Book (suggestions of herbals and spices for Lyme die off)
– good tinctures and very potent

I recommend to my patients and friends with Lyme that energy building is key to healing with Lyme. Building energy while or before you do a detox of Lyme or co-infections is crucial. It will keep you from having heavy Herx reaction because you will have the energy to handle the liver purging. Please study and research practitioners who utilize Methylation Liver detox (functional medicine) along with energy enhancement when treating Lyme. Your body will heal more gently.

Gentle healing is the path to take.
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