Lyme: Keep Seeking the Answers

When everything looks NORMAL, but you don’t FEEL it…keep going!

If you have Lyme, experienced it in the past, or are trying to inform your loved ones of your condition…and you blood work appears normal, additional testing would be beneficial.

The effects of Lyme are often misunderstood or misread. The details of the infection are often atributed to one bacteria known as Borrelia burgdorferi. While it does cause many of the symptoms of Lyme Disease, there are also many co-infections that can create similar signs.

There are many different forms of Borrelia species, in fact there 16 known different forms of Borrelia in the US alone. Additionally, in recent studies, there are over 60-70 different types of co-infections of Lyme Disease. Which means that if testing procedures test for a small amount of Borrelia species or co-infections, many could be overlooked. Don’t be discouraged, it’s a good thing to keep searching to find out what you are battling.

Lyme Disease is a condition characterized by an individual being infected by species microbes such as:
– Borrelia (Spirochete)
– Babesia (Cattle Fever)
– Erlichia (Erlichiosis)
– Bartonella (Cat Scratch Fever)
– Rickettsia (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever)
– Epstein Barr Virus

I had all the signs of Lyme Infection. The major infection I presented with was Babesia more than Borrelia, but I had both. Any one of the infections can cause all the signs and symptoms of full blown Lyme.

During my hardest years, I had blood work done where apparently my Lyme was “dormant” and all my blood levels were normal. A normal blood test should show imbalance in immune and white blood cells if heavy infection is involved, but with Lyme it isn’t always the case.

3 things can happen:
1. Normal blood work does not test for Lyme and it’s co-infections: you may need more comprehensive testing.
2. The infections are elusive; they hide in the joints, muscles, and tissues.
3. The different types of species can make them all difficult to test for. Comprehensive and very sensitive testing is needed.

Another phenomenon is occurring at the same time to keep you balanced…the adaptive, innate intelligence of your body. Your body and stress response organs will work their hardest to keep everything in balance…blood, hormones, etc. Blood levels will often look normal, until the adaptive forces of the body are exhausted. That is the reason these infection coincide with extreme adrenal exhaustion and thyroid problems.

Having a well rounded, multi-microbe testing panel, such as iGeneX or dnaconnexions, is a major suggestion. If health advisors are searching only for Borrelia burgdofori, many Lyme cases can be overlooked. Use labs that test for multiple strands.

This is to inform you to NOT GIVE UP even if testing through normal procedure shows nothing on your blood test.
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