Lyme: The Heart

Joy, happiness, and love are essential in healing. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, these are all strong emotions that are connected to the Heart. A physically strong heart will lead to a happy heart and positive emotions. The opposite can happen when the heart encounters physical trauma through the form of toxins, allergies, and infections.

Chest tightness, changing blood pressure, pounding heart beats, and low pulse are all chronic and common symptoms of lyme.

There can be a couple biological processes occurring if these symptoms are persistent.

1. Anemia: a condition where the blood cells in your body cannot carry enough oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Our bodies use a protein called hemoglobin, which has iron attached to it, to carry the oxygen. There are different forms of anemia that affect Lyme patients.
1. Hemolytic anemia-The blood cell gets destroyed or ruptures due to the injury lyme bacteria or its co-infections place on the cells.
2. Pernicious anemia-The body is not absorbing enough B12 vitamin which aids in the growth of your red blood cells. When this occurs, you cannot carry enough oxygen because your cells are too small to carry the amount of oxygen you need.
2. The infections of Lyme can carry many co-infections with them such as Babesia, Bartonella, Erlichia, Epstein-Barr Virus, Streptococcus, and Staphylococcus. They all can infect the heart tissue. These infections travel in the blood, which pumps through your heart many times a day. The microbes favor organs with high blood flow because of the constant supply of nutrients within your blood. Infections can irritate heart tissue resulting in nerve and cardiac muscle contractions and spasm. Infection researchers suggest that this could also be an attempt of the body to force out the infection from the heart tissue.
Both of these events can occur and create concerns and symptoms with heart function. If your body cannot carry enough oxygen or iron to your muscles and organs(because of damage to your RBC) your blood pressure and heart rate will rise in an attempt to deliver more oxygen to those tissues. In essence, the tissues of your body can “starve” for oxygen, and your heart will do its best to PUMP MORE RBC, even if they carry low amounts of oxygen.

This is why chest tightness, pounding heart beat, blood pressure changes, etc. occur. It is your innate response to low oxygen, b-vitamin deficiency, and hidden infections.

In my recovery time, I found that my heart was helped by many nutrients and supplements. Please locate a holistic practitioner who researches extensively for heart health and supplementation.

This is a list of supplements that helped my heart symptoms while facing Lyme. Please research them and make sure if you have any concerns to talk with your doctor about them.
Vitamin C
Homeopathic Such as Pekana Cardinorma
Vitamin B Complex
Hemoguard -Supreme Nutrition Products which contains, papaya and ginger

Your heart can heal. Remember it takes time.
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