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I am grateful for the years in practice that have allowed me to share so many journeys with my patients. Being a part of their health journey is one of the greatest privileges I can ever imagine. I walk alongside patients through their joy, pain, uncertainty, and victories, which answers many of my health questions as I practice healthcare. These experiences provide me with insight and understanding of very difficult health problems, and now I want to share them with you.

I have launched a membership program that features easy-to-understand in-depth videos. These videos cover difficult cases I see every day in the clinic (without revealing anyone’s identity) and provide answers to your Q&A’s that you can vote to be discussed. The videos form a comprehensive video library where you can access health questions and answers 24/7, 365 days a year. Each week, there are live Q&A session and new topic videos. The beauty of this membership is that you can always go back and reference the videos. They include recommendations for techniques, therapies, supplements, and the most effective tools I have seen work throughout my 18-year career.

My goal is to make this membership affordable, easily accessible, and of high value. Due to the large waiting list in my practice, it’s sometimes difficult for me to see everyone. That’s why I love creating online education through social media and my website. I want everyone to have access to the information and insights I have gained that have helped thousands of my patients clinically. In this membership, you will find information that may not be available elsewhere. I aim to provide you with clinical nuggets that bring knowledge and healing to my patients.



The price for the video catalog and membership will be $39 a month. It’s month to month and there is no long-term contract involved. I want this to be easy and simple. This is all for your health!