Introducing Dr. Motley’s Membership Program

Complex Health Simplified with Your Favorite Traditional Chinese Medicine Guide

I’d love to have you join me in my brand-new membership program.

  • Are you sick of having your symptoms overlooked by practitioners?
  • Are your labs coming up “normal,” even though you struggle with energy, food sensitivities, brain fog, and more?
  • Have you been misdiagnosed for years, with conditions that don’t truly get to the deep layers of your symptoms?
  • Are you tired of bouncing from doctor to doctor, looking for support and guidance… and someone who really gets you?
I see you and understand.

I have been there. I struggled with chronic Lyme disease for many years.

I spent the last eighteen years digging into research, frequency medicine, energetic therapies, acupuncture, herbs, and more… to heal myself and the people around me.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

You cannot achieve full, vibrant wellness unless you consider the mental, emotional, and spiritual side of your health.

Please consider my membership program if you are ready to reclaim your path to wellness and remove the roadblocks to your health.

Are you ready to try something new in your healing? Let’s do this together.

Meet your Traditional Chinese Medicine guide… Dr. Christopher Motley

I come from a mixed heritage-Asian and Caucasian. My mother, who is Korean/Chinese, once stated that I had distant uncles that were medicine men in the mountains of South Korea. This could be one of the reasons I’ve been drawn to the Traditional Chinese Medicine lens in my own practice.

I come from a mixed heritage-Asian and Caucasian. My mother, who is Korean/Chinese, once stated that I had distant uncles that were medicine men in the mountains of South Korea. This could be one of the reasons I’ve been drawn to the Traditional Chinese Medicine lens in my own practice.

Apparently, this type of healthcare is in my blood.

In most Asian cultures, herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, Qi, tai-chi, qi gong, and Chinese Medicine techniques are normal routes of healthcare. TCM could be something you’ve never explored in your own healing journey. I find that often when people are “stuck” and dealing with symptoms, despite putting in their best efforts, then something is missing. For many, it’s either a completely new approach, or it’s addressing the emotions. This membership will do both!

I am grateful for the years in practice that have allowed me to share so many journeys with my patients. The steps shared have been those of tears, hardships, pain, joy, breakthrough, healing and insight. And to be part of someone’s health journey, I am very thankful. These experiences have provided insight and in-depth understanding of very difficult health problems that have challenged my patients.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to be a part of yours!

What I’ve learned from my patients is that they like short, easy-to-understand videos to help them visualize what I’m teaching. They also like the opportunity to interact and ask me questions about their own personal health.

I took this feedback and built my membership program around it.

If you’re dealing with brain fog or any sort of neurological condition, this program is tailored to help you understand the basics… and push into more deep content as you feel comfortable.

The members will guide the content. That means YOU get to tell me what you want to learn!

  • In-depth videos that cover a lot of content, but are not too overwhelming.
  • Clinical assessment of difficult cases I see everyday (without giving anyone’s identity).
  • Answers to your Q and A’s (you’ll have the power to vote what you’d like me to discuss!).
  • 24/7 Access to full video recording library covering your health questions and answers. The beauty of this is that you can go back anytime and reference the videos.
  • Recommendations for techniques, therapies, supplements, and the effective tools I have seen work on my patients over an 18-year career.
  • Lives with Dr. Motley where we can dive into your personal health questions.
  • Other content as it becomes available: PDFs, protocols, articles, and more!
  • Discounts on supplements and other healing tools.
  • Tips on healing trauma and understanding how your emotions play a really large factor in the health of your organs and your overall wellness.


You’ll learn how to finally take control of your health. There will be information in this membership that you may not hear elsewhere. I want to give you guys clinical nuggets that have brought knowledge and healing to my patients.


This membership exists for anyone who wants a deeper understanding and in-depth analysis of their own health problems. It’s for anyone looking for insights into supplements, lifestyle tools, herbs, adjustments, trauma healing, nutrition, and therapies to help support your progress.

Thankfully, my practice has grown, however it has become so busy that it is very difficult to bring on new patients, so this membership is a great opportunity for those who cannot get in to see me directly. I want everyone to still have access to my teachings and knowledge!

My goal is to have this membership be affordable, easy to access, and of high value. The years in practice have created a large waiting list, and at times very hard for me to see everyone. That is the reason I love creating education online through social media and my website. I want everyone to have access to all the information and insight I have learned that has helped thousands of my patients clinically. There will be information in this membership that you may not hear elsewhere. I want to give you guys clinical pearls that have brought knowledge and healing to my patients.

Is this membership the right choice for you?

Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • Hormone issues
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Viruses (like EBV)
  • Chronic tonsil issues
  • Infections
  • Skin problems, rashes, eczema
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Strep
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Or any chronic illness

This membership will address these issues.

What makes this membership stand out is not only the TCM lens and focus on both the structural and energetic body, we will also cover emotions and how they play a key role in your healing.

It’s important to see yourself as a whole, dynamic person. Your body is a vessel to carry your unique soul through the entirety of your time on this earth. You are more than just your physical health and body.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will you focus on any particular root cause?

No, but this program is a great fit for anyone dealing with unresolved chronic illness or mysterious symptoms and health conditions that have not been resolved. If you’re feeling lost, looking for guidance, craving community, and wanting a focused program to help you reach the next level of your health, this is for you. I love to cover a wide array of health issues, and educate as much as possible.

What will the program focus on?

I will focus on biochemistry, infections, structural problems, the bio-electric body, digestion, hormones, and emotions. However, I will answer mostly from a frequency medicine/Chinese medicine model where emotions are tied in heavily.

How individualized will the support be?

The questions I get to in live sessions will have unique answers, catered to you. As the group grows, please understand that I may not get to all of your questions, so sign on early and be ready! I will do my best to answer the subject matters that your questions bring.

What will I get with the program?

This program will help you ask real questions about your health. The reason people don’t get answers is simply we aren’t trained to ask the most effective question. If we knew what questions should be asked, we could possibly get more answers to lingering health conditions. Real questions mean deep, individualized answers.

Can I work with you and also work with a practitioner?

Yes, this program can be used in conjunction with any sort of practitioner you’re already seeing. You can also choose to join this membership if you are not seeing a practitioner, too. This is about education!

Will I get an individualized protocol?

No. Think of this as group coaching and empowering you with the education you need to make breakthroughs in your journey. There won’t be 1:1 coaching, but you will be able to ask me specific questions about supplements, herbs, conditions, or anything else you want to know. I am here to help guide you!

What if I need more support?

If you need more support, you can reach out to our team to inquire about 1:1 virtual appointments. I also have a Lyme Disease self-study course you can purchase and walk through. 



How will I know the live schedule?

We will set a meeting cadence for monthly lives, but I’ll also pop in as I have time and go live in the Facebook group and Instagram to address content and questions you’ve asked. The best part is that you will have access to all the replays and past lives, so you won’t ever miss out!

Can I pay for a year in advance or is it month-by-month?

Payments are monthly!

What is the return policy?

If you’d like to discontinue membership, you’ll have access to the program until the month is up that you’ve paid for. 

I can’t wait to see you inside the program!

In health,