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Dreams and Sudden Thoughts: Your Stress Monitors

Have you ever randomly thought or dreamed of someone or some event and then get a call, sign, or message related to it? Or some how all the signs in your day lead to that person or memory.

In frequency medicine research there are studies that are showing that a frequency or sound wave can be emitted or absorbed by the body, just like a telephone call.

It is similar to a cell phone. You dial a number to create a specific frequency pattern (ring tone) that finds a person anywhere in the world. That number is specific to them, and you have one specific to you.

All memory- people, places, things, or events are frequencies, and those frequencies are stored in your cells.

Memories within your cells, whether great or small, can create neuronal networks or hot spots in the brain that are specific to that frequency (person or event). The bigger the memory, the bigger the network.

Your subconscious is a storehouse of every event in your life, it does not forget. Your cells store all memory.

When a memory comes to surface, your cells are actively vibrating at that frequency and the cells emit the sound. BUT IT’S TOO LOW FOR US TO HEAR BUT IT CAN BE FELT. It’s a MICRO-FREQUENCY.

But what can makes your cells start vibrating with those memories? What can trigger it?

  1. You – the essential you wants to work through a problem
  2. Someone else – their cells vibrate with the shared memory you both have, and you feel it as well

Shared thoughts, events, memories are specific to you and everyone involved.

Your innate intelligence, your internal stress monitor, indicates that you are processing or someone else is processing through something.

Next time you have a dream or have a sudden thought about someone or some thing, you both could be thinking of each other.

Or both of you may be telling yourselves to address deeper healing in your lives.

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