Heavy metals in your body create 2 events in the body:

  1. prevents your T3 and T4 thyroid hormones from attaching directly to your cells
  2. increase Reverse T3(“fake T3) which hijacks the receptor spot on your cells reserved for T3

Free T3 is the active thyroid hormone that attaches to your cells to create “quick” energy. T4 creates “slow and steady” energy.


Heavy metal toxicity include:

  • mercury – metal dental fillings, corn syrup, and immunizations
  • tin – from coal and other chemical factories, ground water
  • nickel – comes from battery factories through ground and air pollution
  • aluminum – food sources as a preservative
  • arsenic – ground water from coal and industrial factories\

Blocking the receptor sites:
Think of your receptors as key slots, and T3 and T4 are the keys that fit the slot and “turn on” your cells ATP/Energy production. Metals block and fill in the receptor slot so your T3 or T4 cannot attach, which eventually leads to low energy production.

Metals Increase Reverse T3 that Hijack the Receptor:
High levels of heavy metals will create high levels of Reverse T3 in the body. High enough to even outnumber T3 levels in a normal thyroid. Reverse T3 attaches to the receptor sites meant for Free T3 or T4 . This decreases ATP production and energy in your cells.

I believe that desensitization of metals with techniques that utilize Kinesiology testing has always been my first response to metal detoxification. This post is not meant to discuss the techniques such as Total Body Modification, NMJT or NAET, but I have found great results in using them. The techniques seem to allow the body to identify the metals and releasing them gently. Whatever you do, gentle metal detox is best, take it slowly!

It is always best to allow the body to do all the work on its own at first, then utilize supplementation after. The body will release the metals on its own time, and on a schedule to not overwork the detoxification system. If any metals are embedded too deeply and require certain nutrients, I have found that these are highly effective:

  • Activated Charcoal
  • Takesumi (carbonized bamboo)
  • EDTA – available from professionals only (usually)
  • Humid and Fulvic Minerals
  • Homeopathics
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine
  • Glutathione

Additional Therapies:
Additional therapies used with supplementation that help pull out metals are IV chelation and infrared sauna. These can be very strong, so be mindful when using these forms of therapy as to avoid excess detoxification symptoms.

Heavy metals are a big problem in our culture do to so many environmental and chemical toxins within our foods, personal care products, air, water, etc. You can always get a metal hair analysis lab test (I prefer ZRT or Great Plains lab, I get no kick back from them for endorsing them-just great companies).

If you find you have high levels, find a wholistic healthcare professional who can help you read the test and make possible suggestions for supplementation (from the list above) and therapy. Hope this helps!

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