EIn the past, when I was processing through Lyme infection, I had quite debilitating jaw pain that would lead to migraines. I never experienced migraines in my life, but now have the upmost sympathy for those who do.

What I found were two things causing migraines:

  1. Food sensitivities
  2. Jaw cavitations

What you eat can cause migraines.
Hidden gum infections can cause severe migraines and jaw pain.

Food sensitivities:
In Chinese Medicine, the energy pathways (meridians) of the stomach and large intestine run along the jaw line.

In neurology when you start to eat something, you trigger brain and stomach chemicals to prepare for digesting whatever you’re ingesting. Even at the first taste, your stomach and large intestine know what’s coming down the pipe.

If you are sensitive to that food, it can cause low level cramping or tension in these organs. That cramping can cause inflammation signals to travel all along the stomach and large intestine meridian.

This inflammation can cause migraines, jaw pain, TMJ, or chronic tooth pain.

Jaw cavitations:
I had CT and X-ray scans that identified pockets/large cavities that were forming in my jaw bone from old wisdom teeth extractions. They never fully healed.

Infections such as bacteria, parasites and Lyme can get in these pockets and grow. I have even seen pictures of small infectious cysts forming in these pockets and under infected teeth and gum line.

Signs and symptoms:

  • Chronic Bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Chronic bad breatg
  • Random jaw pain
  • Migraines
  • Tight TMJ

This post is not to be scary or be gross. Just want you to get these two things checked if you have migraines, and you aren’t finding explanations from any physician.

Food sensitivity check-these are affordable companies of good standards

Research and find a biological dentist that works with cavitations. They can scan the jaw line and see if there are hidden pockets of infections. I am thankful for this procedure as it helped my migraines and heart palpitations stop.

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