Can a person be a mixed body type?

The answer is YES. We all can have traits of different body types. I am a thyroid body type predominantly but I do have a few traits of an adrenal body type. And the reason? My mother is a thyroid body type and my dad is an adrenal. My hands never lie, I lean towards the thyroid type with all the traits, but I do notice times when I have cravings and habits consistent with the adrenals.

In our day and age, the beauty of diversity has allowed so many cultures to mix and match. I LOVE DIVERSITY!! For example, you could have a culture with predominantly muscular, tall individuals (adrenals) in an area like Norway. But if a mixture of genetics from western Europe comes into the area from England, you could see thyroid body types incorporated into the adrenal gene pool. The offspring could predominantly be adrenal, but you can see still see traits of both body types in the offspring.

Remember in genetics you are dealing with dominant and recessive genes you get from your parents. You can pick up the dominant body type traits from one parent, but also have some recessive traits from the other parent show when you are extra stressed. So blame or thank your parents (haha).

That is why you can have the hands of a thyroid but the weight gain like a reproductive type. You could have the height of an adrenal but the cravings of a thyroid body type.

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