Just Like Your Parents — Mixing Two Body Types

Which one am I?

Genetically, there are portions of our DNA sequence that are identical to each of your parents. The recombination of those sequences is what give you your individual coding or uniqueness.
When you receive genetic information from each parent, you are receiving blueprints-the DNA, which eventually forms amino acids. Amino acids turn into proteins, and proteins become enzymes. Enzymes are particles that speed up processes, like the breakdown of food, the detoxification of the body, the building of your body tissue, etc. So remember, ALL ENZYMES ARE PROTEINS.

Remember, each parent has given you specific sections of DNA codes that influence your physical, biochemical, neurological, emotional, and electrical makeup. However, the majority of most individuals will have one dominant body type, even if they have the personality of another body type. For example, you could be an adrenal body type, but have the characteristics of a thyroid. So many individuals would assume they are thyroid even if their body is an adrenal.
Why do you feel like one body type when you’re really another? Here’s one explanation, when you encounter stress you light up certain portions of your DNA like Christmas lights. Which section you light up will determine how you will physically, chemically, and neurologically respond. If the section that lights up is like your mom, you may respond like your mom. So if you are an adrenal body type, and you are constantly encountering stress that triggers your mom portion of DNA, you will have thyroid characteristics. You may even gain weight as a thyroid because you are chronically pulling on the thyroid just as your mother would.

How do you determine?
I believe it comes down to the shape of the hand, as discussed in my videos about the body types. Please check them out. When you eat and nourish your body for your particular type then you will start to have more of those particular characteristics. Hope this helps.

We will dive in deeper to describe proteins and germ layer development in embryos for body types in the next post.

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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