Momentum is energy which moves forward and increases as time passes by. When it comes to health, metabolism, detoxification, bio-energy, etc., momentum is vital. Health does not happen if momentum is not part of it.

Any improvement in health is created by momentum. Good health is not stagnant. Stagnant does not mean balance, you can have balance (yin/yang) in the body as you increase momentum. When momentum builds, the body will work toward clearing all the cobwebs – all the things that distract the innate intelligence in your body from reaching peak performance.

Momentum starts with work and energy, and continues by forming NON-STRESSFUL practices without pushing too hard. The idea is not to form a belief that you have to “improve” you, there is nothing to improve, you are only wanting to get back to your true self. Remember, the ego will make you push harder than you need to, just let things flow. We are wanting to shed all the weight that makes us slow down. We wanna keep dropping all the baggage! That’s why momentum is so important.

So whether it is a new food plan, resisting eating certain foods, supplement regimen, exercise program, creating boundaries, making alone time…any life-giving practice, momentum can add energy and passion.

Momentum builds when you:

  • Learn – learn more about you, your body type, your genetics, your food allergies and sensitivities, your personality type
  • Experiment – trying new food plans, exercise regimens, meditations, prayers
  • Record – make notes of any changes to diet, cosmetics, environment, etc and see how you feel after those changes. This can easily give you info if something is good or bad for you.
  • STAY CONSISTENT – being consistent with a new path, whatever it is, will build energy behind the belief and action

Momentum keeps you fresh and helps you stay younger. As health improves, your body keeps changing for the better, and you will gain new experiences because your body is ready to receive them. Let it flow guys, LET momentum build!

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