Feeling emotions is vital. Do not discount what you feel, but also refer back to the scale. Remember that certain foods can affect the psyche. If you are having an off day for no reason, give yourself a break, some days you feel on and some days you feel off.

Record what you feel like each day. See if there is a consistent number in a row of days. Always check and see if a food has contributed to these up or down days. If you have taken away certain foods and feel better…you have clearer vision, body feels better, no brain fog, but out of no where you have a depressed day. And nothing you can remember from your foods created the emotion. Don’t worry, you are more than likely going through an emotional layer, a shift in thinking.

As the body heals, it will go and find any other emotion to heal, since it now has the energy to properly process. You took away the foods that drain energy and now divert it to be a bloodhound for negative thoughts. Let the emotions flow that day, understand, identify and recognize.

On an off day:

  • Breath-all day through the stomach, not the diaphragm
  • Feel where the emotion is in the body-you get more sensitive to it over time. And when you feel where it is at, look back at the organ-emotions chart and see what is processing.
  • Remain encouraged that you are processing, and processing means you are gaining momentum!
  • Find your TRUE SELF

Having an off day does not mean you lost momentum or that you ate something you did not realize. Your body will find older hidden closets of emotions, and some days you feel like cleaning house…other days you don’t 🙂 It just depends if your body wants to clean that day or not. Don’t let it get you down!

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