My mom taught me an old Korean proverb: “The more you push, the more it pushes back.”

Aka: Don’t try so hard.
Aka: Let it Flow.

When it comes to momentum, we must realize that energy flows in patterns and directions of least resistance. Jumping into the river of life and floating along allows for us to stop trying to swim against the current. We are just there, allowing the ability to see all the trees, mountains, gifts, blessings, new beliefs, new friendships, HEALTH, etc. to fall into our paths. We could miss blessings if we are too busy trying to do it all in our own effort. It is our choice to pick up anything laid in front of us, but the beauty of it is that we didn’t have to push hard or work hard for the opportunity. We were able to see it because we went with the flow instead of swimming upstream…we didn’t let our ego take over.

When you float along, and not try to push, you can implement practices that build momentum while you are in the river. Remember, it isn’t trying to make you work hard so you float faster, more momentum means you shed weight. Shedding weight doesn’t make you go faster, it just allows the distractions to fall, and then your body will choose the path of least resistance. It becomes SMOOTHER, life flows better, new opportunities and experiences arise because we realize they were there. Our vision becomes clearer.

With any new path in health, give yourself grace. Let information and practices, new plans, etc. come to you. The best ones usually present themselves to you.

A daily practice (even for one minute of the day)

  • Close your eyes and picture yourself jumping into the river, floating, not swimming on your own
  • Ask for guidance to allow you to see all the blessings already around you
  • Feel energy flow from your feet to the top of your head and making a complete circle back down to the feet
  • Do not “try” and make it happen, it may take time to clear the cobwebs
  • Look for your TRUE SELF

Let it flow friends!

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