Don’t shame or guilt yourself. Momentum has everything to do with reinforcing your new, consistent path to health. If you “fall off the wagon” or “swim upstream”, just stop, relax, and float. Flow back into momentum, don’t try and rush to get back into a routine. Trying will make you fatigued, and that will diminish momentum.

Momentum is built by ease and encouragement – the path of least resistance. Guilt and shame definitely make you think you should do it all on your own, there is no joy in that. Maybe you needed to fall off the wagon, maybe it was in your best interest … who knows. Don’t feel guilty about it, all you have is right now, so just jump back into the river.

Be encouraged you have taken any step in the path to finding yourself, TRUE SELF. Sadly, many do not even take a first step. And there are those who are so hyper vigilant about health that they become hypochondriacs. Over concerned individuals usually practice pushing and not flowing; thinking that they can create change instead of accepting it. It is so much easier to receive a gift and say thank you. It is tough for many of us to receive anything … QUIT IT!

A few key things:

  • Jump back into the river
  • Learn to receive
  • Practice gratitude
  • Find your TRUE SELF

Be encouraged, keep moving, let momentum build! You are loved.

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