Muscle response testing is a technique that uses your muscles strength, flexibility or range of motion as a signal that your body is responding to any stimulation.

Muscle testing takes practice like any technique.

Your muscles respond all day to different stimulation-light, sound, chemicals, food, vibration, gravity, posture, time, supplements, OILS, etc.

All of these stimuli create a chemical change in the body that turn into a vascular and neurological change in the muscles. Which can create a difference in muscle strength.

The change in muscle strength indicates that your brain and nervous system are responding to the oil.

Then smell the oil and see if you like it or not. Follow the basic rules from the steps of previous post to determine if the oil is strengthening or detoxifying.

Use a muscle test to see if you respond to the oil. That is the key, do you respond! Practice muscle response and then find out what your response is by the smell and the steps.

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