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In neurology, healing old traumas and pain may require us to revisit pain.

When a trauma or injury passes in time, we often think it is forgotten as the memory fades.

Remember, our cells keep record of all the injuries that have occurred to us. We often think that the quicker we “forget” a trauma, the faster the body will heal. That is not the case most of the time.

On your path to healing, if you have had a big event or serious trauma in life, you may need to revisit it. Especially if it creates tension within you.

If the memory does create a tension, sit in it and let it process through you.

This is basic neurology. When an old area of injury is KEEPING the rest of your body from healing, the brain wants pressure, contact or INTENTIONAL ATTENTION to the area(s).

Often times this attention to the trauma can INCREASE pain and hurt, where we “re-live” our past. However, this attention creates healing not re-injury. The pain will pass the more we become aware of it.

We often times forget ourselves within the trauma. We could see the trauma as being bigger than who we are. It’s not. God made you bigger than your trauma.

Does this have a bearing on how we view ourselves…should we hold more value in who we are? Should we pay ATTENTION to ourselves? Yes.

The more AWARE your brain is of the injury, the more action it will take to heal it.

It clarifies to your body that you have the INTENTION to heal. In neuroscience, research shows that awareness sets every path in healing.

Be intentional in finding the old traumas that still create tension in your body.

Remember, this is not to bring about old pain or bad memories. It is simply to get you to not forget yourself.

Knowing yourself reveals the pain to heal the fear. Knowing yourself is loving yourself. And experiencing love for ourselves opens the door to be loved by God, Who is perfect love.

As it is written…”there is no fear in love, for perfect love casts out all fear.”

Know yourself. 🦋
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