You may feel a little cray, but hang in there.
In the New Year we all have goals to detoxify, because our bodies can encounter and store so many toxins.
* Caffeine
* Alcohol
* Toxic substances-pesticides
* Heavy Metals
* Birth control pills
* Medications
* Food allergens
Why is it that you may feel a bit off, a little anxious, hot flashes, foggy headed, joint pains; not yourself when you start to detox? Here’s a starting explanation so you don’t GET DISCOURAGED!
You have three primary organs that will help you detox.
* Liver: Filters out Toxins and infections in the blood, and breaks them down even further to be placed into the kidneys for excretion.
* Kidneys: Takes the water soluble toxins from the liver and provides a means of excretion through urine.
* Intestines: Through bowel movements, provides a way of a pulling toxins from the liver.
The body accomplishes detoxification through many cellular pathways in the body, especially Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 detoxification in the liver.
Phase 1: The harmful toxins that come from your intestines and blood are transformed into intermediate (less toxic) particles, such as free radicals. The transformation of toxins creates free radicals, which are harmful if not neutralized. The liver uses anti-oxidants from your diet to convert free radicals into harmless water H2O=water soluble. This is accomplished by the gene/enzyme CYP450(cytochrome P450).
Phase 2: This phase combines with water soluble toxins to excrete them out-CONJUGATION. For the science minded, these cycles in cell biology are named methylation, glucuronidation, acetylation, esterification, amino acid conjugation, sulfation, and glutathione cycle.
Phase 3:
So now the water soluble substances can be excreted safely through the urine, bile(gallbladder), and stool. Proper hydration, daily healthy bowel movements is a must for all phases to work. If the bowels or kidneys are sluggish then the whole system came back up.
* Eliminate foods that are toxic to your body type, I see on my videos for the three body types.
* Incorporating the minerals and vitamins for your body type to jump start illumination pathways.
* Proper hydration and gut health to make sure you excrete all your toxins.
For further detox info and why it occurs!

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