With any new path and journey, intention and vision is key. When we have a goal or intention there is the tendency to CONTROL each part of the the process to get to where we want. Many times taking control is believed to bring happiness, safety, and security. If we know the outcome we are happy. But this is living in the future, trying to predict happiness; taking us out of the present state.
We can forget to live in happiness now.

Psychology research is showing that taking intentional, PRESENT steps is vital, but trying to CONTROL the outcome of each step does not create happiness. On the other hand they say it can produce anger, depression, anxiety, and overall fatigue and weakness.

Why? Future tense living and taking CONTROL creates high demands on your body both neurologically and biochemically. it sets up your body to create expectations…that things will turn out the way you think they SHOULD. This can produce spikes in endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine. These are all feel good hormones and neurotransmitters. When each step has control involved, we train our bodies to have an addition to these chemicals. And they only fire when we meet our expectations. It’s a neurological feedback loop.

But What if each step doesn’t meet our expectations. What if we don’t meet our own demands? I feel good hormones do not fire, and then we feel like we fail. We can actually become resentful and angry at ourselves.

What is psychology telling us that will help? Flow…receiving what may come even as we take proper steps to attain our vision. Seeing every hard situation as an opportunity to learn, and knowing that it will work it’s way to achieve the goal: this is trust. The end result will come, and we don’t have to control each step because we practice TRUST.

Trust neurologically reduce his anxiety and will help you attain your goals. Let’s practice it!

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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