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New Intentions for a New Century

The year 2020 has come. I remember that there were movies that I watched when I was young that showed flying cars and spaceships traveling to other planets in this year.
We’ve gotten there somewhat.

What does this year mean? In Chinese tradition, this is the year of the Rat. Specifically its a Metal element year.
Don’t let the term Rat fool you, in Chinese culture, rats are respected. Rats are seen as doers, innovators, and very intelligent.

With all that to say, in Chinese Medicine this represent a year of intention. Cultivating your vision, taking action, innovating, and bringing your thoughts into form.

An intention is a goal, an objective, a purpose; something you take aim at. Remember we have talked about the process of creating positive neurological patterns. If you have a goal or a certain purpose you want to fulfill, then writing it down is the FIRST STEP.

Read it every day…why? The more you read it with consistency, the more your brain fires with that message. When a message is repeated, it creates a biochemical and neurological pattern that forms a belief. A belief in neurology is the constant repetition of specific signals that the body believes is true.

A purpose or a goal that is repeated will cause your brain to see it as true. This can create nerve patterns in your body to be attuned to see all the opportunities for your particular goal in almost all circumstances. Your physical body will follow a path to fulfill the message. You literally will follow your purpose.
Even if you don’t feel like you are doing anything to fulfill your goals, remember to read the message every day. The brain will do the rest.

Action Steps:
Set intention
Write it down
Read every day
Think on it for 5-10 minutes a day
Smile when you do it
Seize initiative when opportunities start to arrive for your goal to be met
Be ready to work…it will bring you joy
Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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