Have You Lost Your Appetite In the Last Couple Weeks?
I have heard from patients, and read messages of individuals losing their appetite during the times of isolation.
Why would you lose your appetite during these times?
Sometimes overeating is connected with chronic low-level stress. However, in these times of sudden, high-level stress our bodies can produce high levels of stress hormones that can decrease our appetites, such as cortisol or CRF (corticotropin releasing factors).
Studies have shown that increased amounts of CRF in the bloodstream will decrease the appetite. When we hear news that makes us afraid or worry, we release tons of cortisol from the adrenal glands. This puts us into a fight or flight mode, which basically means we are ready to fight something or run from it…STRESSFUL TIMES.
As stress hormones rise, more blood flow goes to our extremities instead of our digestion. Also, gastric acid increases to dissolve food quickly so you can either run or fight your problem. Since your body is gearing up to run or fight, little energy is left for digesting food; that is why you feel less hungry.
With worry and not knowing what is coming around the corner, it will naturally decrease your appetite. What fights worry and fear? GRATITUDE. Practice gratitude journaling and daily affirmations. Train your brain to see the good things you are grateful for daily, and this will calm you down. You will believe your affirmations, and then get out of the fight or flight!

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