Stress is defined as pressure or tension placed upon a physical object. Some forms of stress are beneficial; this can be coined as healthy tension or pressure.

On the flip side, there are things that are truly not good for your health, such as a stressful job, a bad relationship, draining people, controlling families, etc. These are the stresses that we blind ourselves to because they may have been programmed into our lives to appear normal. The brain can be programmed to believe we NEED them to survive. Somehow these stresses appear beneficial, when in fact they aren’t.

The body will listen to what the brain tells it. A demand placed on you from these outside sources eventually turn inward. You actually may feel GOOD or REWARDED when you meet these demands. A dopamine(FEEL GOOD neurotransmitter) release occurs even when the stress placed on you is bad. The rush you feel is not all dopamine, but a possible adrenaline high as well…Fight or Flight syndrome. You can be programmed at an early age to think something bad is good. “I feel good when I meet other’s expectations.”

Psychology research has been delving into this area of removing bad stress blinders to bring more awareness. They state that individuals need to uncover the effects of stress situations to become more aware of its benefits or deficits.

Does an event, job, relationship, family dynamic bring high blood pressure, heart palpitations, sweating, weakness, dizziness, anger, frustration, brain fog, etc.? These are very good physical signs if something is draining you. A deeper question to ask, “Why does it bother you in the first place?” Check the motivation or programming behind the stress, this can begin to remove the blinder.

If the original programming that created your response does not help you grow, accentuate your God-given gifts, or become aware of the Divine Expression you have inside…your True Self will fight with the Ego. This is why it bothers you; the Ego wants to stay in the same pattern, while your True Character wants to move on. We all must pursue growth, and anything that keeps the body/True Self/Mind from connecting to God should be considered a blinder.

Look at any physical sign or symptoms of bad stress as mentioned above. Then uncover the motivation behind the obligations or demands placed on you. Have a good day removing the blinders.
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