How you can use organ reflex points to stimulate parasite release!

Massage and rub digestive organ reflex points and parasite point as a combo to stimulate parasite release.

Check your stomach (ST 1), gallbladder (GB 1), liver (LV14), Lung (LU1), ileocecal valve points to see if they are tender-if multiple points are tender, identify which one is most tender.

Check Parasite reflex point and check tenderness and tightness.

Rub organ point first then parasite point after. Massage gently for 30 seconds, every other day. DO NOT DO EVERY DAY or it can flush you too quickly.

Flushing too quickly can cause herx reactions (healing crisis).

Drink tons of water and stay near the restroom.

Remember, these points can be used as an indicator that parasites may be present. But you may have to get more detailed testing, like stool testing or blood test to identify certain parasites.

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