Allowing yourself to move towards peace of mind requires so much patience.

To funnel peace into our lives requires the mind and the body to be in constant, healthy communication.
We’ve discussed how HOLOSYNC- left and right brain connection, and SURRENDER are important steps to peace.

In recent psychology research and from experience in the office, I’ve found a vital key to amplify surrender Is to give yourself PERMISSION.

PERMISSION to feel, rest, and heal.

Surrender involves the mind and brain to work TOGETHER to find the areas of pain, trauma, or injury in the body. It is allowing your connection with God/Divine to point your True Self/Mind to the problem area.

When you find the problem or trauma, Give yourself permission to feel all the emotions involved. In most cases, we want to avoid pain and will refuse to feel hurt. We then want to turn and run from the trauma.
In neurology, the avoidance of a trauma only allows the program to keep running and growing. This comes from a belief that pain only leads to destruction. But pain is a teacher according to brain science research.
Our bodies are telling us that something needs to be resolved so that the pain receptors stop firing pain signals. Yes, traumas and all injuries create low level pain in the body, which can build up to high levels of overtime.

You must give yourself permission to feel the emotions that the trauma brings into your life. Only because it allows the mind and brain to identify and analyze how it fires your pain signals. The brain naturally gets frightened of the feeling, and believes it can’t be helped…only because the program has been running for so long. However, The body naturally wants to heal and will do all it can to relieve and learn from the pain.

Identification and recognizing where pain is in the body, plus giving yourself permission to feel the emotions, allows the mind and brain to unravel the trauma. Don’t be afraid of the feeling, simply allow your energy to flow through it. This is actually healing you, not hurting you.

Here is a simple test, to see if you are not giving yourself permission:
If you and I cannot look in the mirror and repeat a statement of truth without laughing, crying, or even finishing the statement, we know someone or something else has controlled our truth.
You have permission… to love yourself, to discover who you are, to feel the feelings… TO DO YOU BOO!

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