There is so much energy within your pet. They are full of power. The power to love, calm, and heal you. And they do it without complaining. Their capacity to absorb the mood you are in, or the way you are feeling has no boundaries.

The love between a pet and caretaker is so strong that there have been many studies to investigate this phenomenon. The power exchange comes through a CONNECTION that affects both parties down to the physical, chemical, emotional, electrical, and cellular levels.

Pets take care of us as much as we take care of them. Gone is the belief that they are there just to “fill a void”, but we see through scientific research that they literally can increase the healing within our bodies.

You and your pet are specific beings, with specific energy, vibrations, and frequencies.
These frequencies are so specific that you can think of the frequencies as your personal telephone numbers. The next question is, “How did you both connect?”

You called each other, in a more subtle way without words:). You chose each other. Why do some individuals love labs more than dachshunds? Pugs more than huskies? Siamese more than calicos? Your wavelengths, yes the actual length of waves in your vibration, matched with your pet. You both are on the same wavelength. And when two wavelengths match, they only make each other stronger…they AMPLIFY each other. That is why you prefer one type of pet over the other, and that is why they prefer you.

Have you ever gone up to a litter of pups and one of them strolls over to you while the rest play? No accident. Why does a sweet dog run to the door right when the caretaker leaves to head home from work? How do they know?
There is a bond. This bond cannot be put into words; it’s energetic and it’s so strong that it influences the health and well-being of both pet and caretaker.

Research studies have shown that a pet will develop the same metabolic conditions or problems as the caretaker. They cannot give clear explanation, but many researchers believe it all has to do with the power of the bond and GROUNDING. We will discuss more on this later.

Pets are present beings. They are fully aware and present in this moment. They do not clutter their mind with past and future problems like we do:). Our companions pull us back into the present, and they do it at the expense of their own energy. Full on love.

Your pet heals, they feed into you, and you feed into them. Match their positive vibes, because they always want to lift us up!

Portrait by @robchianelli
Pug Master @lesliemosier
Style by @lindsayblaze

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