Pets can have a huge effect on your emotional health. The bond they create emotionally leads to a connection that is far different than that with people. This bond not only supports you emotionally and mentally, but also has a strong physical effect on your body.

Pets ground us and create balance within our physical systems. Their love crosses the physical barriers and helps strengthens you down to the cells.

If you are thinking of getting a pet, here are some interesting facts from research that may influence your decision:

– Reduce Cholesterol – Your daily walks with them at an easy pace will metabolize and breakdown cholesterol by improving liver strength.

– Reduce PTSD – The physical manifestations of stress, as in veterans from the military, h ave been greatly reduced with the love from a pet.

– Decreased Blood Pressure – Research showed patients that had high blood pressure(HBP) reduced their numbers in half by owning a dog or cat.

– Increased Fitness – Weekly runs, hikes, or exercise with a pet is a great practice that creates accountability between caretaker and pet.

– Decreased Cardiovascular Disease – The care of a pet, especially dogs has been clinically shown to reduce heart disease risk and improve overall heart health. They bring JOY…the main emotion of the heart!

– Ease Chronic Pain – The act of petting your dog or cat has been shown to increase endorphin levels within chronic pain patients.

– Pets serve as Health Monitors – many stories have been told of pets alarming the caretaker of a sickness or problem that the caretaker was unaware of. This includes health conditions such as stroke, heart attack, diabetic attacks, etc. They have saved numerous lives with there extra keen awareness. There are services that train dogs especially to smell and sniff for these conditions.

– They improve family and romantic relationships – Bonds between family members and couples strengthen and last longer according to research.

I write this to show you a small glimpse of what pets literally can do for you. They are family. The state of the caretaker impacts the pets health as well. A positive healthy lifestyle and outlook can increase the health between pet and caretaker. When you couple this with all the things they contribute, it only creates a bond that can’t be broken. 🐾

Portrait by @robchianelli
Pug Master @lesliemosier
Style by @lindsayblaze

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