PISCES February 19-March 20

Pisces, how I envy your intuition and EMPATHY. You have a “gut instinct” that gives you a heightened ability to FEEL. You can read and understand a person, situation, or environment without a word being said. The ability to instantaneously access whether something is good or bad, comes NATURALLY…and you do it without a judgmental attitude.

People love you for this, and you will have a diverse set of friends because of your friendliness. You listen and give fair advice without arrogance. COMPASSION is central to your belief system. You may have an opinion, but you will not let anyone know. The respect of another persons ideals and space is important to you. And this is all done with a laid back style. Your heart is in the journey; walking alongside someone is more important to you than judging. The coolest individuals are those that don’t try, and you don’t have to try:)

– Artistic
– Romantics
– The Best Friend
– Compassionate
– Wise
– Selfless

Pisces are the artistic individuals of our world. They will create, cultivate, and bring STYLE to life through their intuitive INSIGHT. This sign can see the hidden BEAUTY contained within people, art, culture, creation, etc., where others could not. Making the ordinary stand out is a skill the Pisces has. We usually find that the artists, musicians, creatives, architect, attorneys are born this time of year. The unique, HIDDEN tones, colors, patterns, strokes, etc. of our world are UNDERSTOOD AND BROUGHT OUT by this sign.

The gift of Pisces is to not only see the beauty of our world, but to FEEL IT. It’s not just a matter of viewing the painting, but to experience it. They help us all to experience and see the beauty in life. It may start with us “seeing” something, but ultimately the goal is to become part of the beauty that’s been there all along-to experience. Experience not only the external but the internal: Pisces help us see the beauty we have within. They are the friends that never expect anything in return; they just wanna see you happy. We are all connected, and Pisces knows it.

Connection to the feelings of others can take a toll on Pisces. The nature of this sign is to put the needs of others in front of themselves. Doing this constantly can pull on the energy of this loving individual. If you are a Pisces, it is your nature to love and love BIG, keep going! But you need to take care of yourself in this process.

When a Pisces gets tired, their uniqueness and artistic side takes over. The constant effort to get another to see their internal beauty is tough. They can often wonder why others cannot see the patterns and beauty of themselves and the world as they do. It can often turn inward and the question, “does anyone understand me?” arises. They can become more withdrawn.

Don’t take on the responsibility on to get everyone else to see the world’s beauty the way you do. Most people can’t, because that is your gift. Just keep spreading your love and your art…this energy alone heals people.

– Keep expressing yourself. The people who are meant to understand and see your beauty will be drawn to you. TRUST!
– Trust that there are people there that truly want to be there for you. No expectations of anything in return.
– Some things are okay to be ordinary:), see the beauty in the simple.
– Be here now…be present.
– Your mystery is your beauty!

Your constellation tells a story of connection and beauty.

– The Bands – Connects the two fishes: You naturally connect and bring people together. You see patterns where others don’t.
– Andromeda, The Chained Woman – The ability to set people free through showing them their beauty comes naturally to you, it’s in your blood.
– Cepheus, The Crowned King – This Decan shows glory, passion, return. Truly this describes you in your healthy form. Expression is your strength, don’t become an island to yourself.

Pisces spread the Love, literally!

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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