According to research, the quickest way to start healing any portion of the mind-brain-body connection is to PRACTICE POSITIVITY.

The experts say that it may not be ingrained within us to start out positive. Our brains are wired from the programming passed down through our parental genes. Unfortunately, most of the thoughts we think are negative.

We think about 40-50,000 thoughts per day, and psychology tells us that 75% of those thoughts are routinely negative! That’s about 35,000 negatively charged thoughts a day.

The effect of negative emotions on the brain and body can be quite severe. When we recycle a negative field/thought this creates a chemical release of hormones and brain chemicals. These chemicals act on receptor sites on every cell wall, which tell the cells what mood we are in.

If we are charged with energy angry, resentful, unsafe, etc. all our cells chemically release toxins in response.
That is why we feel tired, depressed, anxiety, or unhealthy when negative thoughts come to us. An emotion leads to a chemical response which then becomes a physical trauma or injury.

What you think can effect your physical body in every way.

Everything is recorded in your cells.

Don’t lose hope!

Psychology research shows that 3 simple steps help remind our brains of positivity:
– Gratitude – find the things you are thankful for in the toughest times
– Be Present – live day by day and let things flow to you, every opportunity, event, or meeting…don’t push too hard
– Love others but just as important LOVE YOURSELF

Even if it’s small steps every day, practice them each day. Push it forward.

INTENTIONAL LIFE – let’s do this!

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