Why do we always have to be so sensitive :). Do you walk into a room and feel the tension? Haha, right here all the time!

It’s a term called presentiment. It’s a term that has been around for a long time and you can find more info on it at This website has research on the effects of stress and emotions on the heart. It even goes further, they state that the heart is so sensitive that it feels changes in vibration before the brain perceives it.

So if you walk into a room and “feel” the tension but you don’t “know” why, it is the heart picking up on the emotional shifts through specialized nerve endings the heart has. Our heart has its own internal nervous system, it does not need the brain to continue function – that is why heart transplants are possible. The heart keeps beating even when disconnected from the brain. It even has more nerve endings in it than most other organs, that is why it is so sensitive.

Please check out the experiments they did at, so cool. Remember the heart forms before the brain while you are an embryo, the heart has to be so smart because it works with the mother to keep the metabolism running. It has to feel the “shifts” to adapt, and it continues to do that even when you are old. So if you walk into the room and feel all the tension, happiness, sadness, etc. Just know you are all heart. There are techniques to help with tuning down so you can save some energy for yourself … those are on the website as well.

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