The circulation-sex meridian (aka Pericardium) is the energy pathway in your body responsible for:

  1. Protecting the heart both physically and emotionally
  2. It helps govern your circulation and hormones (testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone)
  3. This meridian helps you energetically connect love with sex
  4. Creating joy and processing out panic (aka panic attack’s)

Emotionally if this meridian is blocked and imbalanced you could lie awake at night thinking of or experiencing:

  • Commitment issues
  • Difficulty in feeling or expressing emotions
  • Depression
  • Phobias or panic attacks

Some physical signs:

  • Heart, chest, or circulation problems
  • Stomach problems
  • Panic attacks, problems calming the mind – Sciatica, bladder issues
  • Reproductive gland issues

A balanced CX pathway exhibits as joyful, calm, relaxed, playful, generous, and satisfied.

The Chinese say that this time frame of 7-9pm should be used for foreplay and sex. This activity should strengthen your glands and give you a work out, which should tire you out to sleep.

You should fall asleep at the 9-11pm, the period which then heals the thyroid, adrenals, and reproductive glands.

If you cannot fall asleep and you are experiencing emotions as listed above then massage these two points daily to get the emotions processed out!

  1. CS1-both sides, on upper outer corner of chest muscle, near the armpit
  2. CS9-tip of middle finger around the nail bed

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