The sad events that have affected our lives has brought a movement and need for awareness. Awareness leads to healing. Healing only comes when we come to face what has been lying beneath the surface.
I am deeply saddened of the tragedy that has occurred in our country. My prayers and thoughts are with everyone. I believe many of us have literally felt the energetic shift.
When shift occurs, it can reveal and create pain. Pain can occur when healing is taking place, because of the removal of layers to get to a core. In holistic medicine, one of the main principles taught is the reality of emotions, trauma, and spiritual abuse being at the center of sicknesses.
In Traditional Chinese and Aryuvedic medicine they state that sickness and disease comes from a lack of awareness. When traumas and pain come into our bodies, we store the memory of the event. The body tries to adapt to the trauma and many times will bury it. From then, layers of other traumas can build on top of the original, which is stored deep in our nervous system.
If we don’t emotionally/spiritually process the core of the sickness, we keep ourselves from becoming more aware of ourselves…what really bothers us. When a trauma is not processed it stays stored in every part of the body, down to our DNA. This can create sickness and fatigue.
DNA is a storehouse for physical genetic material; it’s also an energetic blueprint of all the every emotion and trauma you felt in your life. It doesn’t stop with you; the emotions and pain your ancestors felt and experienced can be passed to you as well.
Our DNA are tuning forks that hold the vibrations and frequencies of our ancestors and previous generations. Are there ways to help release those vibrations to bring awareness of the trauma to the body? Yes. Awareness that is brought to your nervous system gives your body permission to heal the trauma.
The time it takes to heal can be related to how long the body has been storing the energetic blueprints of our ancestors. When the body heals these memories, epigenetics researchers say that it heals DNA forwards and backwards.
The emotions and trauma are healing down your genetic line, and also backwards. This means that your children or immediate family FEEL and release the pain of the memories. You can begin a healing process that will bring awareness and healing for the generations to come.
This week I will go over some simple tools to help us all process ancestral trauma.

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