Attraction Rule 1: Learn What is Important To You

We talked before about the body’s ability to create new nerves to carry information that is consistently bombarding the system. For example, if a population of people constantly grows in a certain area, there has to be roads that are built to carry those people. The roads may start as dirt, then covered with gravel, and ultimately turns to concrete…all because the amount of traffic increases.

The more we think about a thought or allow a thought to enter the brain we allow the thought to grow, just like a population of people. Our brains then create new roads to carry the thought because it is constantly bombarding our nervous system. When a road is paved, it allows for easy movement, access, and increased speed of that particular info to enter into the body.

This becomes IMPORTANT to us, not necessarily because of the information itself, but because of the repetition of the information. This is what we described as the RAS or Reticular Activating System: we allow what is important to us to flow through to the body, and create a response biochemically to create a feeling to the thought-whether positive or negative.

As we repetitively think positive or negative, we make those thoughts important to our neurology, physiology, and biochemistry. Our bodies will start to crave the feeling, and we will then seek and move towards events, people, relationships, work, etc. that reinforce the FEELING. As a result, we begin to ATTRACT what we think about the most. Attraction is not just sitting and waiting for something to come to you, it is only attractive to you because you have thought about it often.
Here’s the deep question: Are you attracting positive because you choose life building experiences, or have you been programmed to attract negativity because you were around it for so long in your life?

The first step is to find out what your body tagged as important to you because of the chronic encounters you have had in your life. Whether they are good or bad, did they build you? That is key to starting proper attraction.

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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