Reducing the foods that candida feed on, will awaken the good bacteria in your body. It forces your good bacteria to take charge and start producing more enzymes that will help digest your foods more efficiently. In essence, you are allowing your Innate Intelligence to work and produce ENERGY. A healthy digestive tract = proper thyroid function, they go hand in hand.

Allowing the yeast to die-off naturally by reducing sugars, will take pressure off your good bacteria to fight. This will allow the good guys to do what they do best

  1. Help digest food
  2. Help in creating hormones and neurotransmitters-your mood chemicals

Here is how the process can work:
Balance Yeast first, do not try to kill it too quickly!

Attempting to kill off candida quickly can make them respond with moving to new parts of the body, attempting to hide, overgrowth, or changing your gut biome to keep them alive.

I like to suggest a slow approach to balancing the gut biome (neighborhood). With my patients, we try and build an environment in the digestive tract, that hospitable to the right amounts and types of yeast and good bacteria.

I would not recommend taking high amounts of multi-probiotics at the first sign of high yeast. When you throw in many strains of different probiotics on top of excessive yeast in your gut, it can create excessive endotoxin/toxin release from the yeast because of them dying off. The yeast will do their best to run or fight, and this will create more toxic release as well.

The excess die off can create gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation, etc. because now there is too much toxins floating around and not enough good bacteria or yeast to absorb the toxins. That is why you sometimes feel nauseous, sick, or gassy when you take probiotics.

3 Simple starting steps to create a positive gut biome:

  • Cut out/reduce all forms of carbs and sugars-white, brown, honey, maple syrup, candies, high-sugar fruits, processed snacks, and cereals
  • Minimize/cut out wheat, rice, corn, and maybe even white potato
  • Minimize/cut out dairy-ice cream, creamers, yogurts, etc.

    Remember, we are not saying you will never eat these foods, but give your gut rest and time to heal. Then eventually you may be able to have these once in a while.

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