3 practices to try for fear release:

  • Massage Kidney 27 point at inner end of collar bone – 30 seconds daily
  • Medical Qi Gong movements
  • Tai Chi movements

In Chinese Medicine there is a protective energy called Wei Chi, which creates a type of “force field” around the body. It is a defense shield that protects us from anything (pathogens, emotions, electromagnetics, etc.) that could drain our immune system.

This protective shield is located around the whole body. Much of the protective energy is transferred from the mother through the umbilical cord. This area around the navel and lower abdomen is referred to as our “grounding” center. It keeps us stable.

The kidney and bladder energy pathways feed the the grounding center with energy, and thus feeds our protective shield.

Chronic fears and phobias can “fill up” the kidney and bladder. This creates blocks in your ability to process fear. IT MAKES YOU FEEL UNSTABLE. This can result in:

  • Chronic neck and back pain
  • UTI’s, bladder infections, kidney stones
  • Blocked urinary flow, prostate problems in men
  • Pain between the eyes and headaches

Daily massage of Kidney 27 for 30 seconds a day is a big help. Do this anytime you feel unstable or fearful. It will help process fears and unlock fears. Do not be surprised if you have old fears come up or dreams. Let them process out. It will build your force field!

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