The Agreements You’ve Made, Can You Re-Negotiate?
Releasing Old Wounds-Our Secret Agreements.
Deep trauma that has been left unprocessed will eventually become a wound. This wounding can result in emotional and physical problems.
Wounds left untouched can eventually become part of us…in our neurology. The body can eventually see the wound as normal if it sticks around too long. Our bodies can get “used to it.”It can then become an agreement-a sacred agreement. The body is sacred and if we identify anything as part of the body (the trauma) it can becomes sacred to us.
This is called Neuro plasticity. When trauma gets deep set into our brains, we create specific pathways for that trauma to travel in…new nerve pathways.
It is vital to find the nerve pathway that trauma travels through and then use techniques such as EMDR, brain spotting, and deep breath work. Breath work and eye movement initiate a parasympathetic response to the memory of the trauma. The Parasympathetic nervous system calms our bodies to initiate a relaxation effect even while thinking of the trauma.
If we allow the agreement to stay too long, we build neural pathways around it instead of processing it out. As we do this we build layers upon the old memory. We make an agreement that this will be part of our lives from here on out…when it doesn’t have to be that way. We can be in danger of allowing the agreement to become our identity. Let’s get to the core, identify, and allow your own breathing and energy to sever the old agreement.
Even gargling helps with parasympathetic tone. Yes, gargling, LOL. It helps stimulate the parasympathetic areas of your brain stem.
The 3 Steps
1. When a sensation such as sight, smell, hearing, taste, or vibration causes you to remember an old event. remember that thought. Then move your eyes back-and-forth to see if your heart rate or pulse increases or even your breath changes in a certain position. Keep you eyes in that position, even with eyes closed.
2. Take deep breath’s, breathing through your stomach to increase your diaphragm muscle. This will increase parasympathetic tone. Let your body process breathing and heart rate to return back to a normal heart rate and breathing rhythm.
3. You can actually start to gargle every morning and every night while thinking of the old memory or thought. See if this helps 🙂

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