1. Short stature
  2. Round frame, curvy, full-bodied
  3. Small hands with short fingers. Palm is usually bigger than the fingers
  4. Weight gain is in the chest, pelvis and hips (this is where estrogen and fat storage is dominant)
  5. Sensitive to dairy and mercury
  6. Tends to favor a vegetarian diet or fish and vegetables
  7. Should avoid dairy, soy, and foods with tyramines

    Reproductive glands are responsible for the production of 3 main hormones:

    1. Estrogen – fat placement/deposition
    2. Testosterone – muscle growth/development
    3. Progesterone – elastin synthesis

      When thyroid and adrenals are stressed and near burnout, they will call on the reproductive glands to produce energy.

      If great demand is placed on the glands, certain conditions can arise due to overgrowth of the tissue, such as:

      1. Ovarian/testicular cysts or growths
      2. PCOS-polycystic condition
      3. Endometriosis, fibroids
      4. Testicular hypertrophy or atrophy

      Three things to avoid in your diet:

      1. Dairy- it has estrogen in it and you do not need extra estrogens to deal with
      2. Mercury- fish can contain this so make sure you get fresh caught sources
      3. Refined sugars!

      Vegetarian diets are kind to this body type, because they handle less meat favorably. Fish isn’t bad, just make sure it’s clean (no mercury).

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