Respect yourself and say no.

Does your heart ever feel tired? Literally physically and emotionally?

The heart like any other part of your body needs time to heal, strengthen, and rest. It never stops beating!

It gets fatigued by our worry, stress, frustration, and COMMITMENTS.

Letting your heart open to receive all the info and problems of life, and attempting to fix them can overwhelm the hearts energy if we aren’t careful.

Some of us are programmed in our genetics and environment to try and solve all problems and be there for everyone and everything.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), that is draining to the Heart and Circulation-Sex meridian pathways. This can affect your blood circulation and hormone output, which leads to fatigue, worry, and mood issues.

One of the best practices recommended in TCM and in my office to help alleviate pressure off these meridians is literally practicing saying “no”. It’s tough to figure out what events or tasks or people or truly vital for your day, I understand that. You have to figure out which tasks or conversations you can actually do in the day, WITHOUT EXHAUSTING YOURSELF. If you physically are too fatigued to do an event, say no for your heart and hormone health.

This will calm down the stressful energy on the heart and “wind it down” from receiving all the info and the problems. Train your heart to relax and say no sometimes.

You were placed here to become aware of who you are.

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