If you are healing and tired, rest in the present.

There are trillions of cells in your body. 

Every cells vibration and frequency depends on the energy that passes through it.

When you think a thought, it creates a vibration that passes from the brain to cells throughout the body.

Good thoughts and negative thoughts each have their own types of frequency. Which type of thought you think will determine what environment your cells live in….POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE. 


If cells are trained to vibrate with negative thoughts chronically, they will vibrate at that frequency EVEN when you aren’t thinking negative thoughts such as worry, fear, and doubts.

Worry and fear about the future is one of the greatest hindrances to your cells health. 

According to research, your cells react and operate within PRESENT time. Any thoughts, whether positive or negative, about the past or future affect your cells NOW. 

Your cells do not concern themselves if the thought is about past, present, or future. They all respond as if it is happening HERE AND NOW.

The research suggests different ways to heal your cells as you rest in the present time.

Active visualization of your self in a grounded, healthy and joyous state was the primary way to change the vibration in your cells. The research showed that seeing yourself in this state actively healed the cells, reduced cellular toxins and increased metabolic energy. 

How you think of yourself in any point of time can heal you NOW.

The Psalms says this: “Then my fears will dissolve into limitless joy; my whole being will overflow with gladness because of Your mighty deliverance.” 🦋
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