SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 21

Who makes life attractive? Sagittarius will bring it.

Sagittarius are:
– Happy
– Fun loving
– Free spirits
– Risk takers
– Adventure seekers, world travelers
– Social connectors
– Optimistic
– Able to see an idea, put it into place, and create … without all the details
– A Go Getter

The heart of Sagittarius lies in connection, community, friendship, and family. They love being with people, and their passion is unity.

Philanthropy, mission work, charity work, non-profits, volunteering are the playground of Sagittarius. This is the expression of their true heart…bringing people together. To the Sagittarius, healing does not always come from medicine or exercise, but from CONTACT. The contact with others, cultures; the world.

Sagittarius create the “small world” affect. They will have friends EVERYWHERE they go. Somehow in a conversation, two individuals will become friends simply because a Sagittarius is their connecting piece.

This sign brings UNITY to our world.

We would live in a world of disharmony and non-communication if we did not have Sagittarius.

Hunger, sickness, and poverty is always on their watch. The true heart and STORY of any situation will be brought to the surface by Sagittarius. You can believe that happiness, joy, and fun of life is programmed into their hearts. It fulfills a Sagittarius to see others thrive, especially the less fortunate. This comes from the Sagittarius’ love for FREEDOM.

FREEDOM is so valued to this individual. The ability to move, meet, and change their own lives by learning new cultures and philosophies brings heightened amounts of energy…passion.

For this reason, Sagittarius does not like to feel weighed down or pressured. The expression of their happiness comes from movement, flow, and the happiness of others.

My concern with Sagittarius friends and family is their constant need to see others be happy. They often will neglect their own happiness when they get tired from creating constant contact. Bringing UNITY and connecting everyone is energy consuming. They often withdraw, and can become an island to themselves because they feel RESPONSIBLE for their own nurturing. This can come from a childhood where they were raised in unhappiness; taking it upon themselves to create and maintain their own happiness.

Sagittarius you make our lives fun! We need you to stay in your zone.

– Avoid Clingy people
– Be aware you are not responsible for everyone’s happiness
– Create your own time and space just for you
– Set limits with your schedule and time
– Let others look at the details, you just CREATE and let your ideas flow
– Don’t get into relationships or work that feel compressed or constraining
– Look into work that’s freedom oriented…travel agent, photographer, idea creator, etc.

The 3 bright stars totally describe you!
– Lyra – The Harp: Joyful, Singing, Happiness…you bring Victory into the life of others!
– Ara – The Altar: Driving out the Darkness is key to your joy. You bring light!
– Draco – The Dragon. You stamp out and push out the deceptions in your life. Truth is in your heart, and you want it for everyone!

Keep bringing the laughter!

Psalms 33:6 : “All God had to do was speak, and He created the heavenlies. Filled with galaxies and stars, the vast cosmos He wonderfully made.”

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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