SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21

Passion, bravery, and determination are only a few of the great qualities of Scorpio. You may never find a more true and honest friend than this sign.

You want to know what someone really thinks…ask a Scorpio! They are not afraid to tell you what they believe. Honesty is of upmost importance to them. Truth is a core value. Anyone that is in a Scorpio’s life, friends, family, partner, co-worker, etc. knows that being up front and honest is the only route to take with this sign.

– Passionate
– Brave
– Natural Leaders
– Determined
– Justice Seekers
– Loyal
– True Friend
– Challenger
– Love the Underdog

There are hurting people in this world, often overlooked, defenseless. This is the God-given calling of the Scorpio. They will defend and challenge anyone who is trying to hurt another person. Their heart is in community, and they are drawn to the disadvantaged. When they love, they love big, and it is not wise to mess with those they love, they will come after you!

Any person born within this sign will often think they are not qualified, not good enough, not strong enough to fulfill the passions that lie in their hearts. That is the total opposite of truth. The Scorpio is a natural leader, capable of sensing the needs of others, taking charge when they think others are more qualified, and leading…while they think “I guess I better do it since no one else will.” That is passion, courage, and true leadership. The best leaders are those who do not think they are qualified.

If you are this sign, your passion brings comfort and safety to the hurting. Your core beliefs of justice create order in this world. The earth is safe because of the Scorpio. The kindness you bring as a leader adds to your attractiveness. People are drawn to you for DIRECTION.

The constant push and pull of helping, leading, “taking up the slack” is hard on the Scorpio. They never know they are tired till they have pushed their bodies to exhaustion. Often they wonder why they are so tired…it’s only because their normal life is always working and living for others.

As fatigue sets in, it can create a tough shell. Hence, the meaning to the Scorpio-scorpion, the tough, prickly outer shell. When they are tired, or get hurt enough, they can feel defensive, withdrawn and walled off. Their level of DISTRUST rises, within themselves and others. The constant intake of emotions creates a tough outer shell where they become cerebral, always thinking.

But their hearts are soft, generous, kind. When the layers are pulled back, there is no one more loyal, more true. The Scorpio has such good insight, the emotions of others hits them in the stomach and they can get a “feel” for anyone or situation. Their intuition is very deep.

The Scorpio resembles the 8 in the Enneagram.

– Know you are a leader
– Be aware of the dishonest people around you
– Trust your gut instinct
– Learn to trust yourself
– You are a quick thinker, you are able to solve problems quickly, so don’t second guess
– Understand you can’t fix everyone or every situation

The narrative of the Scorpio is victory and strength. This constellation is all about facing your fears and problems, working through the struggle, and growing in strength from it. When you face pain, don’t resist feeling it. Allow it to cultivate you. Resistance will only bring suffering.

The bright stars in Scorpio tell us about you!
– Ophiuchus – People look to you for guidance, you have the ability to heal just with your presence.
– Serpens – You face your problems head on and don’t back down.
– Hercules – You defend others and will stop at nothing to right the wrong. You are courageous. Victory over fears is in your blood, and others feel it too. That’s why you are a natural leader.

In Psalms it says.” Look at the splendor of Your skies, Your creative genius glowing in the heavens. When I gaze at Your moon and Your stars, mounted like jewels in their settings, I know you are the fascinating artist who fashioned it all!” Psalms‬ ‭8:3‬ ‭TPT‬‬

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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