Your organs, muscles, blood vessels, lymph nodes, bones, brain, and the rest of your body is covered with fascia.

Fascia is a connective tissue that strengthens and supports all the systems in your body. It basically keeps everything Connected and in its proper place.

That is the key, CONNECTION. The fascial system is used to connect the body physically and electrically. It holds everything together.

Everything would be loose and immobile if you did not have this connective tissue.

Research in kinesiology (movement science) states that our bodies are connected in crisscross patterns.

These patterns create incredible amounts of strength throughout the body, and basically connect every joint with each other.

For example, the right shoulder is heavily influenced and supported by the movement of the left hip and ankle, because of the fascial connection.

Fascia connects our bodies entirely down to the cellular level. As fascia spreads it’s strength through the body, it also has small tendrils that penetrate every cell.

Not only do you get support through this connective tissue, but your cells receive electrical signals constantly into the cells through these tendrils.

You can use fascia stretching and movement to improve your emotional well being through motion. How you move can determine how you feel!

Researchers say that our stress/emotional and acupuncture signals travel heavily in this arena.

They state that walking in a self confident posture/pattern (not cocky) literally produces confidence signals in the brain. You are using your physical movement to create an emotional change…SELF CONFIDENCE.

Confident movement creates CONFIDENT MINDSET. We must be mindful that we do not neglect our physical bodies, the mind and body work as a unit.

As you heal, it is vital that you move. Walk, hike, exercise within your limits. And do it all with confidence! You will amplify your healing!

As the Proverb says: “The one who walks in integrity [upright] will experience a fearless confidence in life.” 🦋
Portrait by @jeremycowart
Art Direction and Style @lindsayblaze 

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