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In neurology, when a change occurs there is much shifting that takes place.

When old patterns are broken, it means that a new route has been installed to take its place.
New patterns do not come easy. A thought becomes a belief if it has been repeated in the brain over 700-1000 times.

The brain gets very comfortable with old patterns and beliefs, even when the Mind tells us that those beliefs are not good for us.

When we install new thoughts, new prayers, new meditations, we actually create new nerve pathways and shift them around the old ones.
The more we think a thought, the bigger the nerve network grows.

When we SHIFT, we may not feel good with it at first. The brain is accustomed to its old patterns, and new beliefs create NEW GROWTH…GROWING PAINS.

As we stop using old thoughts and beliefs, we send our bodies into shock. The old nerve pathways start to fade away, and all the chemical reactions we experienced with old programs stop.

When we let go, the pain we experience is an indicator of how big the nerve network was that housed the trauma.

Pain is also an indicator of GROWTH. The more we SHIFT the more pain we may experience, but in the end it’s for the good.

The Mind and God encourages us to SHIFT from trauma.

Don’t let pain discourage you, it may be a good sign you are growing. Remember, healing is painful but so worthy of every effort within you.
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