Astronomers have stated that there are 1 billion trillion stars in the known universe. Yes, you heard right, BILLION TRILLION. in mathematics, that is an astronomical number, literally, it is 1×10 to the 23rd power=1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. AMAZING.

The universe is in constant movement. The presence of black holes, gravity, anti-gravity, black matter, vacuum, different dimensions, etc. are all discussed within the cosmos, and it is a concept too big to grasp.

One consistent concept that is easy for us to digest, is the reality of light, sound, and gravity. Stars create light, sound, and gravity.

We are effected by the stars, no matter how far away. Simply because we SEE the light they produce, we hear their sound, and feel the pull of their gravity.

We see the light many years after the star emitted the light, and these bursts of light from a star create pulses. The pulses create waves of sound, but these sound reaches us even later because sound travels slower than light. As sound travels over long distances it loses it’s amplitude to the point where we cannot hear it, but it is still there. Gravity of a star is a constant force that creates a HEALTHY TENSION between other stars and even us.

This tension creates a push/pull force in the universe, a dance, a balance, the spin of the galaxies. It also gives us the patterns within the stars, the constellations, otherwise known as zodiac.

The forces that spin the universe also effect the spin within our cells and within our bioenergetic field.

Our bodies are heavily influenced by the heavenly bodies, especially within our embryonic development. To say we aren’t affected by them because of their distance from us may be contrary to astronomy research. This research emphasizes the importance of you, your energetic spin and impact within the universe. It even goes further saying that the spin of the earth keeps in balance with the rest of the galaxy and universe because of the combined energies on the earth that keep it spinning at a specific rate. These combined energies include you and I. We are a part of the spin.

The spin of the universe effects the spin within us. It influences the development, balance, and health within us.

The stars are signs of the Creator Divine, for as it is written in Psalms, “He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.” 
Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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