Sleep is your greatest healer.

Do you get enough sleep? Do you always feel tired right when you wake up? No matter how much sleep you get, do you still have fatigue in the morning?

My thoughts as a practitioner goes to four things you should check to improve slew health:

  1. Thyroid – get your levels checked for thyroid imbalance.
  2. Adrenals – get your cortisol levels checked.
  3. Insulin – not just blood sugar but INSULIN.
  4. Epstein Barr Virus – get a VCA test to check if this virus is in your blood. 

    All these will cause sleep issues that include not being able to fall asleep or getting up at night.

    It is vital for you to sleep minimum 8 hours a night, be proactive about your sleep health. The greatest movement is to be still.

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