Keeping the Kids Sniffle free for the holiday season.

One of the main concerns I see in the office is the issue of kids getting sick during the holiday break.

It’s as if their bodies know that vacation is near and their bodies can cleanse during the time off.

Before it gets much colder, prevention is always key.

I use the same formulas as adults but I do add in a couple extra suggestions. Basically according to research and my experience in the office, cutting the amounts in half is suggested.

Immune building for young ones starting at 2 years of age.

  • Vitamin D3 (with K2 preferable) 500-600 IU a day
  • Vitamin C- 3000-4000 mg a day
  • Ionic or colloidal silver(10ppm)- 3-4 drops a day
  • Elderberry syrup-1-2 tsp a day

Most parents report that their kids (who follow this regimen or anything similar) rarely get the sniffles or colds when all their classmates are getting sick.

I want you guys to have a great holiday without any problems!

Don’t let virus’ or bacteria dictate the holidays!

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