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Words are vital to spiritual and physical healing.

The DNA make up the chromosomes within our cells, and they have small “tails” called telomeres attached to them, no joke.

These small tails on our chromosomes reach out and grab nutrients. The tails bind the nutrients to sections of our DNA code that contain mutations.

When the nutrients (such as vitamins and minerals) cover the mutation, the mutation itself is not replicated. This keeps genetic dysfunction such as heart disease, high cholesterol, etc. from passing down generation to generation.

Research has found that the length of your telomeres determine how long you will live or how healthy you are. There are actual lab tests that can determine this.

Another interesting fact is that scientists found what can change the length of the telomere…the human voice.

To this point, the only frequency that the telomere responds to is our voice. The actual length and activity of the “tails” increase when TRUTHFUL and POSITIVE words are spoken.

Not only from others but from ourselves.

Words can bring life or bring sickness.

Watch out for who speaks over you in your life, and also watch your internal dialogue. YOUR CELLS LISTEN.

A few simple thoughts from the researchers:
– Stop “would have, should have, could have” dialogue
– Be aware of self SHAMING and GUILT talk-all hard experiences are opportunity for growth
– Speak life into your cells-find something or someone you are thankful for every day, and repeat it throughout the day.

Styled and Shot by @lindsayblaze

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