I often hear patients say that they don’t feel connected. That there is something that cuts them off from their True Self and God/Divine.

They often feel alone or insignificant, even when there are people who are in their lives. Sometimes they even say they feel small.

The universe is big. And as big as it is, we are just as significant as the biggest stars discovered.

Why? Because there are subatomic patterns that run through the known universe…and they are also found within your cells.

Scientists say that every person, creature, star, planet, galaxy is significant. The pattern of each person is UNIQUE. The energy and frequency of every person is VITAL to the actual movement and growth of the universe.

The PATTERNS of sound within our cells contribute a voice that the universe needs to flow.

Everyone is significant. Everyone of us matters. You matter.

The prominent sounds that travel within these subatomic patterns are found in the VOCAL RANGE.

Voice travels through this matrix, and it exists within your cells. SOMEONE/SOMETHING is constantly speaking to us.

Whether we are conscious of it or not listening, we are in communication with SOMETHING that is not only speaking to us, but also with every part of the universe.

Just because something may be “bigger” than us, doesn’t make us less significant. We have just as much of this VOICE flowing through us, as in the stars.

Scientist say that the VOICE directs the growth and expansion of the universe, and you are placed “in this time” to amplify the voice…to spread the message.

They have used the term “voice of God” to describe this sound. Because they don’t know where it comes from.

I believe the voice is GOD/DIVINE.

GOD/DIVINE is constantly in communication with us. Even if we feel alone, THE DIVINE is always there. The VOICE never leaves us, because if it did, the world, sun, stars, galaxy, universe could not flow. That’s what the physicists and astronomers say.

That’s how significant you are.

Our TRUE SELF wants constant communion with the DIVINE. But the ego wants to keep us from joining into the conversation.

The ego will tell us that we ARE our pains and trauma. They ARE our identity, they ARE bigger than us. Are they bigger than the pattern, bigger than you, bigger than the universe? Not at all.

The SPIRITUAL COMMUNION that is happening right now with each and every one of us wants us to BREAK FREE from anything that would hinder the VOICE from being heard.
This voice tells us that we have constant access to GOD if we surrender, listen and join into the conversation.

Communion is fellowship. Communion is a reminder of who you are, how much GOD/DIVINE loves talking with you, and how connected everything really is.

And you are promised, “…for you always have God’s presence. For you’ve been promised by God that He will never leave you alone, never! And He will not loosen His grip on your life!”

Let the fellowship begin. 🦋
Art Direction and Style by @lindsayblaze
Portrait by @nathan_pirkle
Hair by @missalycious

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